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The person behind GM Development

I am Giovanni Martelli. A 19 year old student who studies at Mediacollege Amsterdam. I am the CEO of GM Development, my little start up business. I want to make GM Development a company that is known to others as simple and clean, but innofative. My way of working and designing is therefore simple and clean. I love minimalist designs and that is what you can often expect from me.





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Fun facts about me

My mindset

I always want my work to be unique, even if it is the small things.

Music enthusiast

I have a huge passion for music. It keeps me motivated and focused on my goals.

I love challenges

I see challenges as a way to improve myself and to prove what I can do.

I like photography

I see photography as a way to express your creativity.

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My victories and success

In the time as a developer I have achieved several things. These are my biggest success moments:

1: In my first year as a developer I have achieved all 15 points that can be gained within my education. You get these points with high marks.

2: In the first year of my study I made the greatest development and progress of all first-year students. This is mainly due to my perseverance and motivation.

3: Several times I have made one of the best projects. This portfolio is also one of the best and strongest teachers have seen.

4: Together with my team I have defeated 11 teams twice in succession. This allows us to work for a client and we were allowed to stand as a team at an information fair and promote our own company Just Start.

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Why do I want to become a full stack developer?

The reason I want to become a full stack developer is because I can be creative with this profession. You can let your imagination go wild on your websites, designs and on your back-end. You can build just about anything you want and in your own way. I've always been interested in websites, apps and software. I just enjoy the freedom and possibilities.

MY Work Flow

This is how I work on Projects


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