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GM Beats

GM Beats is a website about some of my favorite artists. I had to build this website for a school project. I searched for as much information as possible for each artist and incorporated it into this site. I also used different api's such as those from spotify. A couple of these artists are a big inspiration to me and their music keeps me motivated.

The project that gave rise to GM Beats was a project in which you were free to do what you wanted to do. I made the choice to create a website about some of my favorite artists. I made this choice because music is very important to me and keeps me really motivated.

On GM Beats you will find various information about these artists and their music. Each artist has his own page that is divided into: Short info, Early life, Career, Personal life, Discography, Music, Social media & merch and News articles.

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Wireframe of the homepage
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Wireframe of the artistpage
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Wireframe of the about me page
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Wireframe of the agenda page

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